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The lack of skilled cybersecurity workers has left many companies vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to the survey results, over 80% of the respondents noted that their organizations had experienced a network breach due to the skills shortage.

To address the shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers, many organizations will require their security and IT leaders to adopt a different approach. They’ll need to train their employees to improve their skills. To effectively train their employees, security leaders must first identify the most impactful skills . These skills can help them prepare for the most significant future threats that will affect their organizations.

Cloud Security

As organizations adopt digital transformation , they are turning to the cloud for various business functions, such as data storage and analytics. However, despite the advantages of the cloud, it comes with some risks. One of these is the lack of skilled workers in the security department.

Most cloud security breaches are caused by human mistakes instead of service provider errors. Organizations must have the proper skills and resources to manage their cloud security to avoid these. Due to the nature of the cloud, it’s also a natural extension of the security of applications. Having a secure cloud is required for any organization to have certain apps.

Attack Surface Management

Although identity system defense was named the second most prominent cybersecurity trend in 2022, attack surface management took the top spot. This is because the average organization’s attack surface has become more distributed. Attackers can exploit many vulnerabilities in an organization’s network. Therefore, security leaders should consider adopting a more holistic approach to managing their networks.

In addition to monitoring and disrupting breaches before they happen, attack surface management also focuses on identifying and assessing vulnerabilities and tracking network assets. This discipline requires skilled and experienced cybersecurity professionals who can use the latest tools and techniques to keep their organizations protected.

App Security

Despite not being the most-awarded cybersecurity discipline, application security was still named as one of the most desirable skills in the industry. This demonstrates how important it is for organizations to have the proper resources and skills to protect their networks.

Due to the number of apps an organization uses across multiple functions and teams, every single one can be exploited by malicious actors. This is why skilled and experienced cybersecurity professionals are in high demand.

Network Architecture

The development of secure networks goes hand-in-hand with the attack surface management approach. If the goal of attack surface management is to close the vulnerabilities in an organization’s network, then secure network architecture is the way to go.

Through the development of secure networks, cybersecurity professionals can use techniques such as zero-trust architecture to design and implement effective systems.

Identity and Access Management

Identity system defense was a cybersecurity trend that was identified in 2022. It’s because most data breaches are usually caused by social engineering or credential theft. A robust identity and management strategy is the best way to prevent these attacks. Implementing effective tactics and technologies can help keep an organization’s operations running smoothly. Some of these include single sign-on and privileged access management.

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